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Where quality meets perfection
Noise Insulation
Packaging Technique
Where quality meets perfection

Room acoustics in its best form

Big, open rooms, modern future buildings with huge gatherings create a multiplicity of ambient sound and echo. These noise perceptions do not really invite to pause, we consider them to be displeasing and disturbing already after a short period of time. The quintessence from medicine examinations and long-term studies of health insurance funds, doctors and associations is thus not surprising:

“Noise makes ill”

The DMG Gustke GmbH, the specialists for noise insulation, set themselves the target to advise you individually when it comes to noise insulation as well as to offer you products according to your wishes and take care of you professionally up to the final installation.

DMG Gustke GmbH

The company DMG Gustke GmbH is considered as a reliable partner in the existing market:

Whether break out, perforation or embossing method, depanelization, machine attachments and much more.

We provide you everything companies need for the fabrication of packaging made of cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

Our large and various machinery produces materials in nearly every imaginable shape, with highest precision, within lowest tolerance limits. Ask us for a business and we will try to find optimal solutions for you.

ISO14001 ISO9001

Textitles Vertrauen
Materialien nach Öko Tex 100 Standard


Unsere Schäume erfüllen den Anforderungen der
FMVSS / UL94 / ASTM E / NFP 92 / BS 6853 / ABD0031 / SMP 800 C / JAR-FAR

  • Ökologische und nachhaltige Dämmstoffe
  • Nicht brennbare Schaumstoffe nach 13501-1 A2-s2-d0
  • Technische Schaumstoffe ab einem Raumgewicht von 6kg/m3